The essential workers who clean office spaces, stores, and other commercial areas were the true heroes of the COVID19 pandemic. The importance of commercial cleaning services has increased a lot since 2020. 

In the post-pandemic era, the sight of professional cleaners working inside offices or stores is a welcome one. But, getting professional cleaning services will do more than make a commercial space “appear clean.”

Here are seven reasons why commercial cleaning services are vital for every business –

  1.     Improve Employee Retention 

Global workforces are currently undergoing “the Great Resignation.” Workers worldwide are quitting their jobs at record levels. According to a recent survey by McKinsey, unsustainable workloads are the driving forces behind this trend.

In many cases, workers are experiencing burnout because their supervisors are asking them to take on extra tasks. In many small businesses, these tasks are cleaning-related. These workers don’t come to the office for carpet or window cleaning. They come to work.

That’s why asking employees to take on cleaning duties builds frustration and resentment in the workforce. On the other hand, small businesses that receive professional-grade commercial cleaning in the Minneapolis area have much higher employee retention rates.

The cleaning partners of these companies handle their facilities’ upkeep. They clean on weekends and off days to avoid disrupting normal work activities.

  1.     Improve Employee Satisfaction 

Even if a commercial cleaning company performs daytime cleaning, their mere presence makes employees feel safer and better. According to a recent survey by the Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA) –

  •       66% of U.S. workers claim that professional cleaning services at their workplaces are extremely important.
  •       62% of the workers claimed that seeing cleaning technicians and professionals at their workplaces made them feel safer.
  •       39% of the workers said low-quality cleaning services at their workplaces might compel them to change jobs.

Companies that invest in commercial cleaning solutions have higher employee satisfaction rates. That’s why businesses that are struggling to retain workers or fill open positions must consider investing in these services.

  1.     Get Access to the Latest Cleaning Technology

The days of buckets and mops are over. The best commercial cleaning companies have access to the latest commercial-grade cleaning tools. These companies also use disinfecting technology which allows them to effectively disinfect all types of surfaces.

Here are some cleaning technologies businesses can access by getting commercial cleaning services –

  •       Specialized Cleaning Solutions: Top commercial cleaning companies use specialized cleaning solutions. These solutions are Ph-balanced. They cut through all types of stains. Using these solutions is especially helpful for tile and grout cleaning. These cleaning solutions are also eco-friendly. They don’t give off toxic byproducts.
  •       Floor Cleaning Tools: The latest floor-cleaning tools are small, cordless, and designed to reduce cleaning times. These machines perform extensive surface cleaning. For example, many commercial cleaning companies use scrubber dryer machines to clean hard floors in factories or warehouses.
  •       GPS Tracking Systems: A commercial cleaning system will come with GPS location tracking. The cleaners use this system to ensure they cover full cleaning lengths every visit.
  •       Electrostatic Sprayers: These sprayers release electrostatically charged mist. This specialized solution contains positively charged particles. These particles aggressively stick to all types of surfaces and objects. They’re ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places and awkwardly shaped objects. The cleaning method is pretty simple as well: just point and spray.

Commercial cleaners frequently employ these tools in germ and contaminant-ridden areas. Businesses can amplify their facilities’ cleanliness by several degrees by working with these professionals and using their cleaning technology.

  1.     Employee and Customer Health

Regular cleaning and disinfection programs were responsible for preventing the spread of the COVID19 virus in workplaces. These cleaning services can also aid in preventing the spread of other diseases.

Crowded offices, busy stores, and public buildings require regular professional-grade cleaning. Skimping on cleaning services will make employees and customers feel unsafe.

Employees who suffer from asthma, allergies, and other similar conditions stand to benefit the most from these services. Commercial cleaners remove all environmental hazards in the workplace – from dust to asbestos fibers.

  1.     Positive Impressions on Visitors, Customers

Cleanliness never fails to make an impression on visitors or customers. That’s why clean commercial spaces tend to attract way more customers than businesses that don’t follow strict cleaning standards.

By getting professional cleaning services, business owners can ensure that their facilities have shining floors, clean bathrooms, and well-organized workspaces. Employees, customers, and visitors notice these details and pick up subliminal data about the company.

Clean commercial spaces signify order, health, safety, and professionalism. Unclean commercial spaces signify that the business operators don’t care for the customers who walk through their doors. 

  1.     Save Money

Letting dust, dirt, and germs accumulate inside commercial spaces isn’t a good idea. These spaces typically contain expensive equipment, office furniture items, and other important items. Irregular or improper cleaning can shorten the lifespans of these expensive items.

Regular, high-quality commercial cleaning services help business owners preserve the quality of their assets. People often don’t realize how cleaning contributes to the health of their assets. But, take office printers, for example.

  •       Office printers generate ridiculously high levels of ultra-fine dust particles. Exposure to this dust causes lung damage.
  •       Regular exposure to ultra-fine dust can increases the risks of lung disease, cancer, heart disease, and strokes.
  •       Office managers that don’t have their printer or photocopy rooms cleaned expose their workforces to serious health risks.

What’s more expensive, getting cleaning services or having an unhealthy workforce? Of course, the latter is way more expensive. 

  1.     Prevent Long-Term Issues

Regular cleaning services help business administrators prevent issues from becoming too big and expensive. For instance, if you get office carpet cleaning services every few months, your precious carpets will never look old. 

Avoid cleaning the carpets for a few months, and you’ll face mold, mildew, water damage, and a host of other issues. By getting regular commercial cleaning, business owners don’t have to worry about small cleaning issues escalating into expensive problems.

Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company

Don’t stop running your business. Let the professionals worry about cleaning. Investing in commercial cleaning services will benefit your employees, customers, and your brand. If your business needs customized cleaning services, contact Team Clean now.

We provide custom, technology-based cleaning services for several local businesses. Also, we’ll keep your commercial spaces looking good and smelling great!