As the world gradually eases lockdown restrictions, millions are returning to their physical office spaces after almost two years. Many of these office spaces haven’t been occupied, used, or cleaned at all during this period. That’s why returning employees expect their office spaces to be full of dirt and grime.

How much dirt is still lingering in these unused office spaces? According to a recent study, the average office is home to 10,000,000 million bacteria. That’s 400 times more than the number of bacteria you find on an average toilet seat. Office managers must team up with experts from the cleaning industry to address these risks.

Professionally trained providers of office cleaning services undertake sophisticated initiatives to create safe, germ-free office spaces. These cleaning experts use “smart” technologies to efficiently clean – office spaces, retail stores, warehouses, and commercial complexes.

Workers returning to their offices will feel much safer if their employers partner with such cleaning experts. Re-entering a non-remote workspace after almost two years is a huge transition. Here’s why providers of commercial office cleaning services will play a critical role in making this transition smoother and easier –

Air Quality

Workers that are re-entering their office spaces are rightfully worried about the air quality they’ll receive upon their return. In the past two years, many offices haven’t been cleaned at all. Dirty office furniture items, dusty carpets, etc., all pose significant threats to the air quality inside unused office spaces.

These dirt-ridden office furniture items create poor indoor air quality that can trigger headaches, asthma, eye/nose irritations in employees. Trained commercial cleaners know these risks. They know the locations inside office spaces that collect the most dust and debris. To eliminate them, they thoroughly vacuum-clean these regions.

Professional cleaning experts perform a deep cleaning to rid dirty office carpets and upholstery items of dust and debris. By doing so, they indirectly improve the air quality inside the office space. Dust and dirt don’t contaminate the air inside the office, and all rooms smell fresh.

Employee Health

An office space with poor indoor air quality will trigger health conditions in employees. Hence, employees will take more sick day leaves. That’s the last thing office managers need after returning to their physical offices after two years – employees falling sick. That’s why teaming up with professionals to eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses from the office is so important.

Inside clean, disinfected workplaces, office managers don’t have to worry about employees taking preventable sick days. Plus, employees feel healthier and happier when they see their leaders take steps that benefit everyone’s health.

Professionals who perform commercial-grade cleaning and disinfecting also inform employees about the latest workplace hygiene practices and requirements. They guide employees on measures that secure the long-term safety and hygiene of the office.

Improved Productivity

In a recent survey, more than 80% of workers stated that “visible cleaning” in the office is important to them. This suggests that for managers in the post-COVID19 workplace, getting only off-hours office cleaning services isn’t enough. To alleviate workers’ anxiety, they must provide commercial-grade cleaning services during traditional office hours.

Workers feel safer and healthier when they notice that their workspaces are being cleaned in front of them. This, in turn, improves their productivity levels. There are fewer distractions because employees don’t have to waste time dealing with messy spaces or cluttered desks. Working in dirty, unorganized environments can cause stress.

On the other hand, working in clean and organized workspaces leads to increased productivity. Plus, top-quality office cleaning professionals always address employee needs and requirements when cleaning offices. They never misplace or lose important documents or files.

Accident Prevention

Giving your office space a premium-quality clean will also make it less prone to accident risks. Professional cleaning crews clean the floors inside offices to help employees avoid the risks of slips, spills, and falls. They specifically clean all high-traffic areas inside the office (e.g., walkways) and free them from clutter to avoid accident risks.

Happier Workforce and Happier Clients

A tidy workspace can help office managers improve their company’s customer satisfaction levels. Workplaces that are free from germs, dust, and bacteria create positive first impressions on anyone who visits the office. From clients to staff members – everyone who sees that the office space is neat and clean leaves with a positive impression.

Plus, workspaces that are neat and clean emit an air of professionalism. Workers have been away from their offices for almost two years. When they return, they need to feel that their workspaces are ready to be utilized. By getting office cleaning services, managers can ensure that their employees are ready to work non-remotely again.

How to Select an Office Cleaning Company

The benefits of getting commercial office cleaning services are obvious. But, what type of cleaning company should office managers aspire to partner with? There are easy ways to identify good cleaning companies –

  •       Experience: Make sure that the cleaning company you partner with has prior experience cleaning office spaces. Just because a cleaning company has handled residential properties before doesn’t mean they can clean commercial spaces.
  •       Schedule: Ensure that the cleaning service provider can work around your workforce’s schedule and not interrupt your day-to-day business operations.
  •       Consistency: The office cleaning crew should offer regular services. They should install cleaning systems that address all the cleaning and sanitation needs of employees.
  •       Affordability: Check the average commercial cleaning services prices in your locality before hiring a cleaning company. Partner with cleaning companies that offer standard rates for their services. Avoid companies that over or undercharge.
  •       Customized Cleaning: Each office facility has different cleaning needs. Some offices require window washing, others floor buffing. Make sure your cleaning company offers all the services you need regularly.
  •       Licenses and Insurance: Your cleaning company must be licensed and provide liability insurance.
  •       Access to High-Quality Cleaning Products: The cleaning equipment and products your cleaning company uses will have a major impact on the final results. Ask about the eco-friendly cleaning products the company uses.

Cleanliness and sanitation are two vital topics in the minds of every worker who is returning to office work in 2022. Employers must get commercial office cleaning services to make the return of their workers as safe as possible.