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Minneapolis Janitorial Services

Whether you need day porter services, one-time commercial cleaning or ongoing janitorial services, you have come to the right place. Team Clean has experienced cleaners that can make your office clean and healthy for you, your employees and your customers. Call us today for a FREE Estimate!

Carpet Cleaning

We can get your carpets back to CLEAN. Carpets get messy over time and let our specialist handle the mess.


Keep your home dust free. Team clean is ready to dust all areas making sure your space is safe and clean.

Floor Cleaning

Let us bring your floors back to life. We offer floor scrubbing, strip and wax. Give your space the perfect appearance.

Surface Cleaning

Let us handle your surface cleaning. Do you have a lot of visitors? We can clean, sanitize and disinfect all surfaces.

Power Washing

Keep your building’s appearance Immaculate. We offer power washing for driveways, garages, decks, fences and much more.

Bathroom Cleaning

Do you need bathroom cleaning our team can help. From sinks to toilets and paper stocking Team clean can keep your bathrooms spotless each night for your visitors.

Touch Point Cleaning

Team clean offers touch point cleaning. Once a week or a few times a week. You pick the number of services. Touch point cleaning is high traffic areas those points of contact where most staff and clients most frequently touch through out the day. They include but not limited to: doors, handles, light switches, tables, desk, key boards and mouse, phones, restrooms and break rooms.

Janitorial Services in Minneapolis

If you have looked for janitorial services previously, then you probably know it’s a frustrating experience. Finding a reliable janitor is a hustle. And when you get one, it can be difficult to keep them.

Managing janitors on your own is even a huge hustle. And that’s why you need to outsource these services from the experts.

Luckily, Team Clean LLC is here to help you with all the janitorial services in Minneapolis you might need.

Our Approach

We follow the steps below to always work with our partners.

Reach Out To Us

The first thing that you need to do to work with us is, reach to us. If you need janitorial services on your premises, then we got you covered. You don’t have to struggle to try different people. If you have been disappointed by hiring individuals who are not cooperative, then it’s time to reach to us. This is because we have a huge team of janitors. Our janitors are self-motivated and well trained to do their work with perfection.

Visit Your Site

Once you contact us, we come to your site to assess the work that must be done. Our focus is to ensure that you get the best services at all times. This is why we come to your premises to assess the janitorial work that you need be done. This will help us determine the number of janitors to allocate to your premises. And above all, it will give us the information we need to give you a pocket-friendly quote for the services.

Get A Quote

After collecting all relevant information concerning your premises and site, there will be nothing else left. The only thing that we will do at this stage gives you an affordable quote. We don’t offer a standard quote or charge to our customers. This is because we want to give you value for your money.

And as a result, we will give you a customized quote for your business. The quote will be depended on factors such as the number of janitors required, the type of work to be done, and the amount of time spend doing the work you need to be done. In the end, you’ll get a fair quote that you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Approve Our Quote

After getting our quote, you are free to approve or ask for further customization, there is a need. When you are fully satisfied with the quote, then you can proceed to approve it. And once you approve the quote, we get started.

Allocate A Specific Janitor

We understand the need for consistency in your daily work. This is why we will at all times give you the best janitors to work for you. And to make it even better, we allocate specific janitor(s) to your site. With them, you can work together as partners. They will know what they must do at every specific timing.

What Next?

If you are looking for the best Minneapolis Janitorial Services, contact us to get our services. Our experts will get you covered now.

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What is Team Clean's process?
Team Clean makes it simple and easy. Reach out for a quote, one of our staff will go meet you on site for a walk through. set your schedule and we begin cleaning your space!
Does someone need to be present?
No, no need to be present. We can make arrangements before. we will also make sure your space is secured before we leave.
Is Team Clean insured and bonded?
Team Clean is 100% insured and bonded.
Can I give specific instructions to the cleaners and ask for special requests?
Of course! we ask you please notify us before and we will communicate requests with cleaners.
Do you clean during or after business hours?
Each space is different. At clients request we can clean before or after business hours.

We Serve Minneapolis, MN

We serve the Twin Cities metro area with a focus on janitorial services in Minneapolis, MN.