Most people spend 90% of their time indoors. Be it while working from home or while working at a factory. Modern-day buildings achieve energy efficiency by tightly sealing all indoor spaces. That means the air inside most buildings, especially inside commercial buildings, is not fresh. 

The risk of inhaling dirty air is far greater inside commercial buildings. That’s because building materials, electronic appliances, and other similar items emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). VOCs slowly make the air inside indoor environments very dangerous for human health. 

They cause headaches, eye, nose, and throat irritations, and various other health issues. They can even contaminate industrial machines, carpets, and any products being manufactured. That’s why commercial spaces require regular, high-quality cleaning and maintenance. 

That’s exactly what the leading providers of industrial cleaning services offer. These experts clean busy, high-traffic commercial spaces that accumulate dirt, debris, and polluted air very quickly. 

Industrial cleaning experts use the latest tools and techniques to create clean, sterile, and hazard-free commercial spaces.

What Do Industrial Cleaning Service Providers Do?

“Industrial clean-up services” is a broad term that refers to many cleaning processes and services. High-traffic and high-activity commercial spaces require all types of cleaning. These spaces typically have large floor plans, thousands of equipment, and other complex tools.

Different providers of industrial cleaning services in Minneapolis offer different types of services. Usually, these cleaning experts use ergonomic and efficient tools to clean all types of industrial and commercial spaces.

Here are some of the services industrial cleaning experts typically provide –

Equipment Cleaning

From storage tanks to industrial ovens – these experts are trained to clean all types of industrial equipment. Industrial equipment and machines are sensitive. Each piece of equipment has separate cleaning needs. 

Professional cleaning experts know these requirements, and they provide apt cleaning services. These services ultimately help the equipment function more efficiently and last longer. 

Floor Cleaning and Disinfecting

Industrial cleaners use barrel carts, dust wands, and electrostatic disinfection tools to clean factory/office floors. This type of floor cleaning is nothing like residential cleaning. It involves special tools and advanced techniques. 

Industrial dirt removal experts use heavy-duty cleaning equipment to clean potentially hazardous areas. They receive comprehensive training on how to clean factory floors, industrial warehouses, and manufacturing plants. 

This training, along with the latest industrial cleaning tools, help them provide flawless results to their clients. 

Window Cleaning

These experts also use power washing tools to clean the windows of large factories and commercial spaces. They also perform restroom cleaning and sanitization.

Trash Removal

Be it construction debris or manufacturing waste – top Minneapolis industrial cleaning experts provide all types of trash removal services. They can also get rid of old paint on factory walls or old, malfunctioning pipes in commercial buildings. 

These specialists also perform asbestos removal and lead removal. Their industrial vacuuming and decontamination services keep industrial spaces free from hazardous materials like lead or mercury. 

HVAC and Exhaust System Cleaning

Machines for heating, ventilation and air conditioning of commercial buildings can become very dirty with time. As these machines and their components accumulate more dirt, they lose their efficiency. 

An inefficient or malfunctioning HVAC system inside a commercial setting poses countless safety risks. Leading providers of industrial cleaning services in Minneapolis are trained to clean and maintain HVAC systems. 

Their timely cleaning and maintenance services help factory leaders maintain safety inside their workspaces.

Carpet Cleaning 

Carpets used in commercial settings are usually far thicker and heavier than the carpets you see in homes. Industrial workers typically use carpets to insulate certain regions of their workspaces. 

From noise reduction to ensuring worker safety – industrial carpets serve many important functions. However, these carpets also accumulate large amounts of dust and debris. 

Unlike residential dust, dust inside industrial spaces often contains VOCs, harmful metallic particles, and other hazardous materials.  Only an advanced industrial carpet cleaner can get rid of these tools. 

The leading providers of industrial cleaning services use such tools to ensure their clients’ carpets are clean and safe. These experts also use carpet cleaning motors and extraction wands to accelerate and simplify the cleaning process. 

Carpet wands, for instance, glide through the high-traffic regions of industrial carpets. They don’t cause any physical stress. But, they remove 99% of the dirt residues inside the carpets. 

Along with these incredible tools, industrial carpet cleaning experts also employ advanced cleaning techniques. These methods include –

Hot Water Extraction

The cleaners use high-pressure equipment and warm water to stir the carpet fibers. This high-pressure stirring causes the dirt trapped inside or in-between the fibers to dissolve. The dissolved dirt is eliminated. 

The industrial carpets are rinsed and hung for dry in cold temperatures. The carpet fibers become super-clean and safe. The carpet overall looks brand-new. 

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

Industrial dirt removal experts use this commercial carpet cleaning technique to treat the high-traffic areas of industrial carpets. The fibers in the high-traffic areas of industrial carpets experience a lot of wear and tear. 

Cleaning experts make sure that their cleaning efforts don’t further damage these fibers. They use tools that absorb the dirt from these regions of the carpet. The process is quick and doesn’t impose too much pressure on the carpets. 

That’s why this carpet cleaning technique is ideal for cleaning old, dirty industrial rugs and carpets.

Encapsulation Cleaning

The best Minneapolis industrial cleaning experts use this method to clean carpets that may potentially contain hazardous debris. In this technique, the cleaners use high-foam detergents. 

The foam causes the dirt and debris inside the industrial carpets to encapsulate and dry up. Once the dirt and debris are dry, vacuuming them is very easy. Even industrial carpets with chemical stains and spills look brand-new after cleaners perform this technique. 

Observing Industrial Protocols and Compliance Requirements

Industrial cleaning experts have to follow various safety protocols to perform their duty. Large warehouses, distribution centers, power plants, manufacturing plants, etc., have very specific cleaning requirements. 

Industrial cleaning company workers are trained to address these requirements. They know their compliance-related responsibilities. They also know that their industrial cleaning services help create safe and hazard-free workspaces for thousands of workers. 

As an industrial cleaning service provider, we convert unsafe and potentially hazardous industrial spaces into clean, safe, and efficient workspaces. Our services not only benefit the workers but also extend the lifespans of expensive industrial machinery and equipment.