Every hospital and community center in the world was managed by janitorial service providers in the past two years. These experts offered several different cleaning and maintenance-related services – all of which were critical in the fight against the pandemic. Janitorial firm leaders experienced the best and the worst of the COVID19 pandemic.

  •       Their front-line workers had to undertake serious risks to perform their jobs.
  •       But, the global janitorial service market also grew tremendously in this period.

In 2022, the global janitorial industry is worth over $260 billion, and it’s growing at a healthy rate of 3.1%. As companies reopen across the country, the demand for top-quality janitorial services is higher than ever. Business-grade janitorial service providers oversee the safety and cleanliness of commercial and industrial spaces.

From property maintenance to commercial-grade cleaning – these experts perform various critical functions inside factories, offices, and commercial properties. However, many company leaders haven’t employed janitorial service providers before. Naturally, they have apprehensions about paying for janitorial commercial cleaning services. They include –

The Services Won’t Be Worth the Money

Company leaders always think twice before investing in any third-party service. When it comes to cleaning and property maintenance, many assume that in-house employees can handle these tasks themselves. They are wrong. The rate of return on commercial janitorial cleaning services is extremely high.

That’s because commercial spaces are often far dirtier than they appear. Since the world just went through a pandemic, all customers are over-concerned about sanitation and cleanliness. Professional janitors pay attention to the details that often get overlooked when in-house employees handle cleaning duties.

Professional cleaners clean and disinfect everything – from doorknobs to elevator buttons. They focus on high-traffic and high-touch areas of commercial spaces. With these efforts, they severely restrict the number of germs employees, clients, and visitors are exposed to every day. Such meticulous cleaning services are definitely worth the money.

The Cleaners Will Use Chemical Products 

No. The top providers of office janitorial services never use cleaning products that leave chemical fumes or odors in the workplace. They typically use the late evening hours to perform intensive cleaning. Hence, no employee is ever exposed to lingering chemical vapors. For less intense cleaning, they only use “green,” chemical-free cleaning products.

Office Security May be At Risk

All leading providers of janitorial commercial cleaning services offer janitorial bond policy insurance. They make sure that their clients’ companies receive total financial security in case there are accidents or thefts. Their cleaning crews are vetted and trained before they have access to the clients’ properties.

Business leaders shouldn’t let these illogical apprehensions stop them from partnering with janitorial companies. Here’s what happens after these cleaning and maintenance experts come on board.

Getting Janitorial Services – What to Expect?  

A lot of things happen when a janitorial company is introduced to your business. Workers may need some time getting used to the cleaning experts meticulously disinfecting every little space in the office. But, these experts get to work straight away. Here are all the functions that commercial janitorial service providers instantly perform –

Comprehensive Commercial Sanitization

Except for laundry, a janitorial company will handle all sanitization requirements inside the commercial space.

  •       Thorough Indoor Cleaning: This step includes wiping and sanitizing all surfaces inside the commercial space. This includes – office equipment, floors, walls, interior décor items, doors, windows, office furniture items, etc. The dust, wipe down, sanitize these surfaces using chemical-free sanitizing sprays, water, and pieces of microfiber cloth. They also perform regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping (on all workdays).
  •       Polishing: Business-grade janitors also perform rust prevention by polishing metal surfaces inside the workspace. Company leaders can also ask them to clean the dishes.
  •       Thorough Outdoor Cleaning: These experts ensure that gutters inside the commercial property are never jammed or dirty. They also sweep, vacuum, and mop driveways, outer walls of the building, doors, and windows. They also get rid of all garbage bags.
  •       Maintenance: A commercial cleaning company will only perform cleaning-related tasks. A commercial janitorial team will also undertake maintenance-related duties. They ensure that all lights inside the office space are functional at all times. They clean out the gutters when they’re clogged with leaves and debris. These experts also maintain all toilets inside the office building. Janitors also ensure that all HVAC systems inside the building work efficiently. Some janitorial firms even perform seasonal lawn maintenance for their clients. Restocking essential items like toilet paper is also one of their maintenance-related duties.
  •       Security: Before the end of each workday, janitors ensure that all windows/doors in the commercial property are locked and secure. They also turn off all lights and plugs inside the building after completing their daily work.

Janitorial workers are trained and equipped to perform these tasks consistently.

Creating Safe, Compliant Workspaces

Janitorial commercial cleaning experts make sure that their clients’ commercial spaces are safe and compliant with local regulations. All businesses must adhere to strict cleanliness and hygiene standards in the post-COVID19 world. Professional janitors help them achieve these goals by performing regular cleaning and maintenance.

These experts have a working knowledge of the latest power tools that are used to perform high-efficiency cleaning. They know and use the best cleaning products. They’re always on the lookout for maintenance-related issues on the property. In case they can’t perform a maintenance-related task, they inform their clients and ask for immediate expert assistance.

Most importantly, janitorial workers are trained to follow instructions regarding workplace compliance and safety rules. The head of the crew makes sure that all cleaning and maintenance activities are performed in compliant and time-efficient ways. Their strong work ethic rubs off on the workers inside the commercial space.

They receive specific instructions from the janitors on how to create and sustain high cleaning standards at the workplace. In 2022, hiring a commercial janitorial company is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity for companies. Creating a safe and clean workspace will be critical to any company’s success. With the right janitorial assistance, company leaders can achieve this goal.