Some home or office owners in Eagan, MN, may complete the reconstruction or renovation of their brand-new or existing property. Consequently, they would require a quality cleaning company instantly to handle all post-construction cleaning services throughout the building. The construction cleaners will furnish and prepare your home/office before the day of its inauguration. Also, they will take charge of the commencement of their cleaning service in your house.

After the construction gets over, the post-construction cleaning services start their work sequentially. They will clean the entire construction premises, from cleaning the floor, ceiling, walls to stairs and wastes. They eventually provide interior pieces cleaning like upholstery and carpet cleaning, window cleaning, etc. The cleaning contractors get their equipment to clean the building, including clearing and dumping the garbage away from the construction site.

However, the construction cleaning service of the cleaning company should include some sweeping responsibilities.

Service responsibilities are listed below:

  • Brushing up and cleaning the baseboards.
  • Dusting and wet wiping the hard surface floors.
  • Vacuuming all carpet surfaces.
  • Cleaning and mopping all water heaters and water valve boxes.
  • Sweep and expel spider webs and the like from the outside entry.
  • Cleansing all heating systems, utility cabinets, garages, and storage areas.
  • Cleaning and polishing inside the cabinet, cupboards and vanities, tainted woodwork, and all stainless steel sinks.
  • Wiping the walls.
  • Dusting all switchboards, plug covers, doors, and doorknobs.
  • Washing and cleaning all window surfaces, glasses, and sliding glass doors also.
  • Mopping the entire kitchen, hall, toilet, sink and tub, and appliances.
  • Sponging all the plumbing fixtures, cabinets, mirrors, bathroom accessories, etc.
  • Lastly, get rid of packing materials, all provisional fortification and labels, short-term labels, including maintenance and instruction guide after placing all accessories in an orderly fashion in the entire house.


How Much Do They Charge?

The cleaning company usually charges their fees based on the extent of construction clean up work. The charges also apply based on the time they would take to complete the assigned work. Anyway, the package amount varies from project to project.

How To Get The Best Post-Construction Cleaners?

Engage your post-construction works to someone who holds a decent amount of reputation in the field. Also, check their list of achievements in the last few years in Eagan, MN. A well-reputed and established cleaning company will serve you the best deal that includes all the services you need. 

Apart from general responsibilities and services, the cleaner should render a couple of top-notch services to every customer. Those are commitment, trust, liability, close supervision, customer support, maintaining deadlines, and attending to details.

Even after the post-construction cleaning is over and the abode is prepared for its opening, the cleaner and customer’s contract shall continue. Fix up a deal with the cleaning company and schedule the cleaning work and maintenance in the building. The professional cleaner will look after the needed service and will visit daily to perform the responsibilities that they are supposed to render as per agreement.

Not because of the agreement, but they naturally present every client a furnished outlook of the house or office, which is satisfactory and convenient.