Bacteria and viruses love to cling to surfaces. They stick to all types of surfaces and form biofilms. These slimy layers of bacteria, viruses, and germs are extremely hard to eliminate. Thankfully, there is one tool that can instantly kill 100% of these microscopic pathogens – electrostatic sprayers.

The demand for electrostatic sprayers has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the COVID19 virus in early 2020. What are these tools, and why do the leading providers of residential disinfection services use them? Let’s explore. 

What are Electrostatic Sprayers?

Electrostatic sprayers are disinfection tools that spray electrostatically charged mist onto dirty surfaces and objects. Electrostatic disinfection helps property owners keep the key touchpoints inside their facilities clean and safe for occupants. 

These cleaning and disinfection tools are effective at cleaning all types of surfaces. They run on electricity. The electrostatically charged mist these tools spray onto surfaces and objects kills all types of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Here’s how –

  • The sprayers contain electrodes. These electrodes atomize the cleaning chemicals and solutions. 
  • The positively charged atomized particles increase the adhesive capabilities of the disinfecting chemicals.
  • That means the disinfecting chemicals stick to whatever surfaces they’re sprayed on. 
  • Hence, the chemicals get to completely eliminate all germs, bacteria, and viruses from the targeted surfaces.

The use of these tools is very popular in commercial disinfection services. That’s because there’s little room for error in commercial cleaning and disinfection projects. Factories, industrial warehouses, and manufacturing plants contain sensitive items and equipment.

When these items or machines accumulate dirt or germs – they pose serious health hazards to workers. Getting electrostatic disinfection services is the best way for industrial workers to avoid these health hazards.

Electrostatic disinfection pretty much guarantees the total elimination of harmful germs and dirt from all types of surfaces. Be it complex industrial equipment or chairs and tables – this form of disinfection is 100% efficient at eliminating germs.

Why Electrostatic Disinfection Services is So Important 

Typically, providers of commercial sanitizing and cleaning services use electrostatic sprayers. They use these advanced tools to clean and disinfect –

  • Office buildings 
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial plants
  • Factories, warehouses, and distribution centers 
  • Government buildings
  • Hotels and restaurants

Using electrostatic sprayers to clean these spaces makes total sense. Healthcare facilities, industrial plants, and other commercial spaces need to be zero-contamination zones. Electrostatic disinfection services help create germ-free, zero-contamination zones.

Electrostatic Disinfection Works Against the COVID19 Virus 

During the initial outbreak of the COVID19 virus, several healthcare facilities across the globe mandated the use of electrostatic sprayers. These tools continue to play key roles in virus control programs in healthcare facilities. 

Can electrostatic sprayers kill the COVID19 virus? Yes. The Center for Disease Control/Prevention (CDC) has confirmed this. According to the agency, it is possible to kill the COVID19 virus with proper cleaning and disinfection. 

That’s precisely what electrostatic sprayers do. These tools make cleaning and sanitizing services ten times more efficient. By electrically charging cleaning solutions and disinfectants, the sprayers increase their efficiency.

If your disinfectants cling to contaminated surfaces for longer periods, they have a higher chance of killing all viruses. Hence, these tools effectively reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID19 virus.

The Most Risk-Free Cleaning and Disinfection Technique 

The workers performing the cleaning and disinfection also get to maintain their safety. With electrostatic sprayers, they can perform touchless cleaning. They can spray the electrically charged cleaning products onto all types of surfaces.

The electrically charged cleaning solutions eliminate all harmful viruses and bacteria from the surfaces. Professional cleaners don’t even have to touch the surfaces they’re cleaning even once. 

Even if they manually wipe down the disinfected surfaces, they don’t have to expose themselves to any germs. Overall, electrostatic disinfection is the safest and the most time-efficient cleaning technique in the world. 

Electrostatic Disinfection Services Inside Residential Spaces – Is it Possible?

Yes. In the past, electrostatic disinfection was only applied in commercial spaces. After the COVID19 pandemic, people realized that even their residential spaces could harbor dangerous germs, viruses, and bacteria. 

That’s why many homeowners are exploring the idea of using this disinfection technique indoors. Is it dangerous to use electrostatic sprays inside your home? No. Many people mistakenly believe that electrostatic sprays may be toxic or dangerous. They’re wrong.

Professional providers of residential disinfection services always use safe, risk-free cleaning products. Electrostatic sprayers don’t contain any additional chemicals. They simply electrically charge whatever cleaning product you place inside them.

Plus, these sprayers don’t need stronger chemicals to perform efficient disinfection. The transfer efficiency of these tools is spectacular. “Transfer efficiency” is a metric that describes the spraying efficiency of disinfection tools.

How many particles of disinfection chemicals actually stick to the surfaces you’re cleaning? With electrostatic spray technology, you get 100% transfer efficiency. Every chemical that comes out of these sprayers properly disinfects the surfaces.

Yes – electrostatic disinfection services inside residential spaces it possible, and it’s perhaps the most effective cleaning method. Many homeowners use this technology to minimize their exposure to harmful cleaning chemicals.

More importantly, safe electrostatic sprays allow them to properly disinfect residential buildings. If there’s a COVID19 outbreak inside a residential complex, this cleaning and disinfection technique is the best solution.

What is the Cost of Electrostatic Disinfection Services? 

Electrostatic spray technology is not new. This technology dates back to the 1930s. Back then, mainly car manufacturing companies used this technology to disinfect and sanitize their commercial spaces. 

Hence, electrostatic spray technology was pretty rare and very expensive in the past. Now, all leading companies in the cleaning industry use this technology. The widespread adoption of electrostatic sprayers has reduced the costs of these machines.

Leading providers of electrostatic disinfection services charge on the basis of how much area they’re disinfecting. Charges may vary depending on the type of facility they’re cleaning. Typically, industrial spaces are harder to clean, so they cost more.

To get electrostatic disinfection services for your residence, you’ll have to pay based on the spaces. The larger the spaces that need cleaning and disinfecting – the more you will have to pay.

Are Electrostatic Disinfection Services Worth the Costs? 

Are electrostatic disinfection services worth the money? For businesses, absolutely. Electrostatic disinfection completely eliminates all germs, viruses, and other pathogen-related risks from the property. 

For businesses, such services guarantee the safety of their workers and clients. So, they’re essential and absolutely worth the money. Residential customers, on the other hand, don’t need advanced electrostatic disinfection services for regular, day-to-day cleaning tasks.

They should get these cleaning services only when their buildings face serious virus contamination risks. Once your property is disinfected by electrostatic sprays, you don’t have to worry about contamination risks ever again!