The COVID19 pandemic has transformed the way we as a society place importance on cleaning. The construction industry has never had a reputation for cleanliness. Whether you’re starting a new business construction project or getting home renovations, construction projects always last a while. 

They lead to the creation of large amounts of dust, debris, and other potentially hazardous material. Many professional cleaners even discover new waste-related problems while removing debris from the job site.

The point is simple – all construction projects are messy. Unfortunately, several construction companies don’t clean up after completing their projects. 

That’s why several companies and homeowners are turning to professional construction cleaning services. If cleanliness is not your priority, your job site may get labeled unsafe. No one wants that, especially building owners and managers. 

The Rising Demand for Construction Cleaning Services

According to a 2021 study, several building owners and managers stated that they’re working overtime to enforce stronger safety standards. Hence, the demand for high-quality construction clean-up services has skyrocketed over the past two years.

Construction sites present a countless number of hazards for everyone involved in the project. From tiny wood splinters and nails to hazardous asbestos – there are countless safety-related risks involved in every construction project.

Providers of post-construction cleaning services specialize in addressing these risks before and after the projects. Here’s why these services are so important –

Extensive Four-Stage Cleaning 

The goal of construction cleaning experts is to transform hazardous facilities into safe and usable facilities. They offer construction cleaning services for residential properties, office buildings, warehouses, schools, and various other facilities.

To achieve their objective of making these facilities clean and safe, they carry out four phases of extensive construction cleaning. Here are the four stages –

  •   Pre-Construction Cleaning: This cleaning phase is all about preparing the construction site for the construction workers. Professional cleaners address all potential safety risks on the property. They include – unclean drainage pipes, nails and other sharp objects on the floors, hazardous gases in tight areas, etc.  
  •   Rough Clean: Rough cleaning is the process of removing large debris from the job site. Early into every construction project, large amounts of trash and unused materials are created daily. Professional construction cleaners get rid of this debris on a consistent basis. They help keep the construction sites safe for work. 
  •   Extensive Cleaning: Once the construction contractors install plumbing, electrical wires, windows, etc., the cleaning professionals perform extensive cleaning. This step includes involves cleaning every inch of the property. Dirt from renovated kitchen spaces, unused restroom fixtures, appliances, etc., – construction cleaners clean up all these waste items. The waste items are then lined in plastic and disposed of in garbage dumps.
  •   Final Cleaning: Clients expect their newly constructed or renovated spaces to be ready for use after this cleaning stage. Hence, the cleaning work involved in this stage is very meticulous. Providers of construction clean-up services don’t leave any stone unturned at this stage. They use advanced tools to discover and quickly remove all remaining construction waste from the job site.

Getting such an extensive cleaning package is hugely beneficial for property owners. Once you partner with a top provider of pre and post-construction cleaning services, you can stop worrying about cleaning.

You’ll know that professional cleaning experts have worked extensively to address all potential risks on your property. The construction project itself will go smoother, thanks to the pre-construction cleaning.

The after-construction cleaning services will make your property 100% safe and usable. If not, you’ll receive compensation! When you get construction clean-up in Minneapolis, you receive certain guarantees and warranties.

Carrying out an extensive, four-phase cleaning process is part of these guarantees. 


Your construction project might not be complete. But, it will still generate tons of waste. In such situations, you’ll need ongoing construction cleaning services. That’s basically the second stage of the four-stage construction cleaning process.

Unless you receive these services, your construction waste may hinder your safety and the project’s schedule. To achieve time efficiency, you will need regular and thorough cleaning services before, during, and after your construction project.

Most property owners think post-construction cleaning is the most important process. It is, but pre-construction and ongoing construction cleaning are also equally important. 

Technological Expertise 

The average post-construction clean-up process will lead to the removal of at least ten tons of construction waste. Not all of this waste is solid waste like cement blocks or old metal bars. A lot of it is sawdust, drywall dust, and silica.

  •   Unless you receive technologically advanced post-construction cleaning services, you may end up breathing in these dust particles for months. Post-construction cleaning experts use the latest tools to remove up to 99% of the dust on the job site.
  •   They also remove nails, broken cables, sharp tools, and other dangerous objects that may still be lying around onsite. These types of waste items are hard (and unsafe) to eliminate without using high-precision tools. 
  •   Professional cleaning experts always use ultra-power vacuums and the latest chemical cleaning products to address these risks.

Of course, technology without skill is nothing. Don’t worry – providers of construction clean up services are trained to –

  •   Clean wiring or cable arrangements (e.g., lighting arrangements) 
  •   Clean air diffusers 
  •   Get rid of old, damaged drywalls
  •   Wipe down industrial beams and fixtures
  •   Wash and disinfect doors, windows, and floors
  •   Plumbing and restroom cleaning 
  •   Carpet vacuuming 
  •   Tile refinishing 
  •   Furniture cleaning 

Of course, you may get more skills and services if you get a premium-quality construction clean-up in Minneapolis. But, these are the general services you can expect when you get professional construction cleaning. 

Employee and Resident Advantages

Employees or residents at the construction site benefit the most from pre and post-construction clean-up services. They aren’t at risk of getting exposed to potentially hazardous waste materials. They can focus on their lives or work before/after the construction is complete without having to worry about cleaning.

At Teamcleannow, Our construction cleaners do their best not to disrupt normal operations at the worksite. Of course, if they find hidden waste or hazards, they’ll notify everyone to make certain adjustments. But, they’ll never disrupt the work or lives of the people in and around the construction site.