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About Team Clean LLC

  • Minneapolis professional cleaning service with 10+ years of cleaning experience
  • Carpet cleaning, surface cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dusting, and power washing
  • Insured and trained professional cleaners
  • Five-star customer service
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Team Clean LLC is a professional cleaning company located in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota. We proudly serve residents and businesses of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.
Servicing the Twin Cities in Minnesota, our team at Team Clean LLC offers a wide range of cleaning services.
We know how important it is to keep your space looking nice and clean. All of our employees are insured and trained. We are ready to provide cleaning services to places such as:
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Office Building
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
You can count on our professional team to handle the mess!
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Who We Are

Team Clean is a company founded on the values of the American Dream. We believe that hard work and perseverance is what gets us where we want to be. This is why we formed Team Clean. We believe that living YOUR life is way more important than doing the little things. That is why we will take care of all the extras, while you are enjoying your time day-to-day. You should not be spending your time cleaning, spend your time doing what you love to do!

The goal of Team Clean is to provide you a prompt and accessible way to obtain an excellent cleaning service for your most important places: your home and your business. In the meantime, you will be off enjoying your free time doing what you love. Our motto is: take back your time, let us handle the grime!

We love our clients. That’s why, it’s very important for us to hire the right people. People who are respectful, trustworthy, and reliable. Most importantly, people who are passionate about cleaning. Our goal is to have 100% client satisfaction. All of our cleaners have been vetted, individually trained by us, and are insured.

Our Story

Yoshare Montoya has been working with his family’s cleaning business for nearly a decade cleaning upscale homes in Edina and the Western suburbs. Throughout that time, Yoshare learned the value of hard work and what it takes to deliver quality service. He discovered what clients need to cater to their preferences.

In addition to home cleaning, Yoshare has 5+ years of commercial cleaning experience and understands what businesses need to maintain an exceptional work environment.

Why Choose Team Clean LLC?

Team Clean LLC has experience with a variety of clients in the Twin Cities area, from large businesses such as Top Golf and Minneapolis Institute of Art to office buildings such as Anchor Paper Company and Knutson Construction.

With this wide range of experience, we know exactly how to provide the best service for your business.

We believe that first impressions matter. Whether it is your home or business, we will always pay attention to every detail making sure it shines to catch staff or visitors’ attention. We promise quality, reliable cleaning services every time. We work hard to be the best so that our loyal customers feel special. We are there to solve problems for our clients to become a long-term partner.

The goal of Team Clean is to provide you a prompt and accessible way to obtain an excellent cleaning service for your most important places: your home and your business.

Contact Team Clean LLC Today!

If you're interested in discovering more about our commercial cleaning services and how Team Clean LLC can meet your cleaning requirements, reach out to us today for a free quote. With our extensive expertise in commercial cleaning, we are the top choice in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. Start the process today by calling us at 763-242-8709.

Our Cleaning Work

Top Golf Brooklyn Center
Smash Park Roseville
Top Golf Meeting Room
Smash Park Entertainment
Movie Theater Clean Bathroom