The list of benefits of partnering with a professional janitorial company is endless. A clean workplace will help you make positive first impressions on your customers and visitors. More importantly, professional janitors take all the necessary steps to create safe and healthy environments. 

It’s scientifically proven that work quality improves in such environments. Unfortunately, many office managers don’t know how or when to seek commercial janitorial services. You won’t need any guidance regarding “when” to hire professional cleaning experts.

An unclean and unsafe workplace will give many symptoms that need extensive cleaning. Some of these symptoms include –

  •   Workers have to limit their productivity at the workplace due to cleaning issues or responsibilities. Your staff can lose its focus if it has to deal with cleaning tasks every day. 
  •   An unclean workplace is guaranteed to endanger the health of the workers. The number of sick leaves in such workplaces is considerably higher, especially during the cold and flu seasons. If you notice workers taking more sick leaves, you may need professional-grade commercial cleaning services to fix this problem. 
  •   Unclean workplaces have visibly unsanitary conditions, especially inside restrooms and hallways. Eliminating such unsanitary conditions with the help of professional cleaning experts should be every business leader’s priority. 
  •   Changes in customer attitude towards your business are also clear indications that your property needs extensive cleaning. If customers notice that the janitorial service in your commercial facility isn’t up to the mark, they’ll stop visiting.

If you’re noticing these early signs of trouble, you should partner with a commercial cleaning company as quickly as possible. In the post-COVID-19 era, everyone is even more aware of the importance of maintaining clean and sanitary workplaces. For any business leader, the right time to receive commercial janitorial services is now.

However, there are several janitorial service companies to choose from. These companies specialize in keeping commercial establishments in pristine shape. But, the quality of their service differs. In most cases, low-cost providers of office cleaning services don’t live up to the mark.

But, hiring an expensive cleaning crew doesn’t guarantee success either. Thankfully, hiring a janitorial services company isn’t too difficult. After all, most multinational companies have long-standing contracts with such companies and providers. Here are four criteria these top companies look for when selecting janitorial service providers –

  • Detailed Custom Cleaning Proposal

A high-quality provider of commercial janitorial services will never force you into a box when you’re demanding specific cleaning services. These professionals know that different facilities require different cleaning solutions. They provide custom cleaning. That’s the type of janitorial services you need.

They provide cleaning contracts that detail various aspects of their customized cleaning services. When speaking with different janitorial companies, ask for these written proposals. A written cleaning proposal will –

  •   Bind your professional relationship with the cleaning crew
  •   Define each party’s needs and obligations
  •   Help you manage your expectations from the cleaning team

What should your custom cleaning proposal include? Typically, these proposals or contracts cover all aspects of the cleaning process. As the customer, you’ll basically get to clarify every little detail right at the start with this written agreement.

Here are the details your cleaning team should include in the initial proposal –

  •   Basic Information: General information of both parties (company names, addresses, contact information, etc.)
  •   Scope of services: Will the janitors clean out the gutters or perform carpet cleaning? Wash the exterior windows or clean the factory floors? This section of the proposal should clarify what you can expect from your cleaning crew. Typically, janitorial service providers offer a list of all the cleaning services they provide. Clients have to tick-mark the services they want or expect from the company. 
  •   Schedule: A clear work schedule defining how periodic and long each cleaning session needs to be. Top cleaning companies offer monthly, weekly, or even daily commercial janitorial services.
  •   Terms of Service: In this section of the proposal, the cleaning professionals clarify details like contract periods, renewal and termination clauses, etc. Do you want your janitorial service contracts to run month-to-month or yearly? What payment plan do you prefer? How will contract disputes be handled in the future? The company should clarify such details in this section of the proposal. 

Ask for such detailed cleaning proposals from every janitorial company you interview. In the cleaning industry, clients deserve to clearly see what their cleaners will and won’t do.

  • Prioritize Experience

Having an experienced cleaning crew working in your facility can be a huge advantage. Inexperienced cleaners are likelier to make mistakes, whereas experienced professionals know the common risks/pitfalls that come with large-scale cleaning jobs.

  •   Ask for referrals from other business owners/operators in your neighborhood. Pick a provider of office cleaning services that has served multiple businesses in your area.
  •   A good way of distinguishing experienced cleaning companies from inexperienced ones is by their approach to insurance. An experienced janitorial company will always ensure that its cleaning experts are insured. On the other hand, companies that work with inexperienced cleaning crews often have to face liability issues.


  • Supplies 

Deep commercial cleaning services involve the use of various cleaning materials. Clarify what type of cleaning supplies you want your cleaning company to use at your establishment. Some companies don’t want cleaners to use products that contain strong chemicals inside their workspaces.

Others want their cleaners to only use green supplies. Specify these needs in advance. Make sure the company of your choosing can address these needs. Also, clarify whether you or your professional janitorial team is responsible for supplying the cleaning products. 

  • Tools and Equipment

Professional janitors use a variety of cutting-edge cleaning tools to provide the best possible service. For example, they use wet extractors and hot-water extraction machines for upholstery and carpet cleaning. Make sure your cleaning company has access to such advanced equipment.

Wet vacuums with high-pressure sprays, rotary floor machines, and UV cleaning devices are some of the advanced tools they use. Other basic tools like sponges, microfiber polishing cloths, cleaning brushes, and protective gloves are also very important for effective cleaning. Make sure your commercial cleaners use the latest cleaning tools and equipment. 

Final Take

When you’re interviewing different janitorial service providers to clarify these criteria, check the quality of their customer service. A reliable commercial cleaning company will listen to all of your needs and requirements. They’ll even send you emails or messages detailing their services.

Use this list of criteria to effectively judge the cleaning crews you interview. Never settle for substandard commercial cleaning services!